Friday, March 27, 2015

Maisie Toot ::Part 1:: Travel trailer camper turned glamper renovation and remodel

You may be wondering what is Maisie Toot
This little camper is Maisie Toot, and she is my twin sister and my used camper.  

Maisie is camper that we plan on renovating into the camper of our dreams.  A place where we can escape to as a retreat and to also travel in it to different places.  Most importantly though, it is a place to make our own and do the things that we love.

Please join us for this trip into camper remodeling and watch as we turn this sad, little, prefab camper into a full blown glamper of our dreams.

::For as long as I can remember I have wanted to remodel a camper.  I watched the movie Long Long Trailer with Lucille Ball when I was a teenager and I thought it was the coolest thing!  A little house on wheels.  To live like a turtle and see the world while having all of your belongings right there with you.

When I initially began dreaming of this, I dreamed of a vintage Airstream specifically, complete with mirror reflective quality metal and decorations to drool over.   (who doesn't, really?)
I've seen them, I know they exist.  The only problem is this little thing called a budget. umhmm.
Airstreams, even used ones run in the double thousand dollar digits.  I know.  I've looked.

When my sweet Gram informed me that she was going to be transferring some land where I was raised to me, I decided that if there was ever a time to make this dream a reality, the time was now.
A catalyst for a dream come true.

So, I did what any impulsive, irrational, cheap girl would do.  I looked online at local dealers for the cheapest that I could find.

And I found it, a 1985 Yellowstone for 2500$
I even inquired with the dealership, asking about the normal things irrational, unprepared girls who have never bought a camper before...ask. (after the've Googled "things to ask when buying a used camper")
"Does it have any water damage?" 
"Is there any rust?"
"Is the floor solid?"
 "Does it smell? "

The sales person let me ramble on and on with my questions and then very sweetly responded..."You do know that it is 30 years old, right?"

And that reponse was STILL not enough for my red flags to go up.

So, I asked my twin sister, who was going to be going in on this venture with me, what she thought of our possible to-be little fixer-upper.
And her face said it all.
Oh Hell NO!
Not happening.

And in truth, I guess that I didn't want that much of a project either.  I mean, we wanted a project, but not a train wreck.  We couldn't afford a ton of money and it definitely had to be a used camper, so I felt like that one we had found was our only option.

Until, we found Maisie Toot.

I sent the link to Laura and she responded with a simple..."Get it!"

And so, after much communication with the sales person, emails with images being forwarded and questions being answered, assurances of stability and solidness of the camper, we went forward with getting a loan and driving the 3 hours to inspect the camper in person.

And we fell in love.

She was the perfect blank (READ:: dated, typical awful prefab camper decor) canvas to turn into our dream space.  

We signed on the dotted lines and arranged for delivery of our camper by the company to our property for a month later when spring was scheduled to arrive.

We spent the next month visiting the website and looking through the stock pictures that were on the listing.  Not the best quality pictures (see below), but every one of them gave us ideas for projects and hope for what the camper was yet to become.

Oh, and we named her also.  
Maisie Toot.  
A combination of both of our beloved Gram's nicknames.

I have to say, I was impressed with the true to date style the previous owners of the camper had stayed to.  The camper looked just as it would have right off the lot 10 years ago.  Mint condition, complete with the stock hideous decor of a typical camper circa.) 2005...
ie.) mottled, printed, brownish wall paneling, linoleum flooring, upholstery in such unimaginatively named prints as...Aztec, Chipotle, and Rainforest.  Yellowing plastic everywhere, and chintzy polyester bedding and curtains for as far as the eye could see.

She was a sight.  
But we saw potential.

We were confident that we could get past the aged aesthetics, Hell, those were the things we were itching to change...a project envisioned in every photo that we were sent.  But, that would all happen in due time.  What we needed to make sure of was that the camper had good, solid bones to work around.

And it did.

The specs for our camper are as follows.

The excitement that we experienced on the day that we arranged for delivery was quite possible rivaled only by the day that I went into labor for my son. Butterflies.

When we saw that perfect camper getting backed into the driveway of my sister's house by the delivery man, it was love at first sight.

And when I went inside and saw this little sign on the counter in the kitchen, I don't mind admitting that I got more than a little teary eyed.

The first thing that I was instructed to do by our uber-talented and smart father was to give the camper a head to toe bath.  Since it was a late spring, there was still snow and salt on the roads.  Salt is the mortal enemy of campers and trailers...rust is a cancerous thing that kills campers well before their lives are due to end.

We were NOT going to allow that to happen to our girl.

And our collective three boys got to check the camper out for the first time.
Their faces mirror the expressions of their mothers.


For now, while we wait for the chance to clear the land that I will be inheriting, Maisie is parked right next to Laura's house.  We have her hooked up electrically via the power box with a designated breaker that our dad set us up with.

We did do three videos for the projects in this post.
Outside tour
Inside tour (before remodel)


We hope that you come back to see the future renovations that we have planned for our girl!

We are so excited for this project!

Truly, Julia and Laura

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