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Maisie Toot :: Moving in and decorating Part one :: Travel trailer camper turned glamper renovation and remodel

With Maisie just the way that we wanted her to be now that the demolition and renovation is complete, we are ready to decorate our girl!

Laura and I are very crafty girls.  Whether it be sewing, painting, drawing, crochet, knitting, wood crafts, clay work, etc. I think we have tried it.  We constantly have some sort of project in the works and if it's not one, it's a bunch of them.   And we sell our goods at craft fairs, as well as online on Etsy.

We have had our shop Adirondack Patterns  on Etsy for 5 years.  It is where we sell patterns for everything from sewing dolls, to crochet, to knitting, to cloth diapering as well as handmade dolls made with our patterns.   Then there is the crochet shop Warm and Cozy Baby where Laura gives new life to discarded baby dolls by dressing them in beautiful new crocheted layettes.  

These shops (and the creativity behind them) is a huge catalyst behind our desire to get Maisie.  
We are forever looking for inspiration in our creating.  Creativity needs inspiration and beauty to be fostered.  It can't be tucked away in a cupboards or closet... it needs to coexist with the creator.  We knew that those sort of ideals would be the driving force behind decorating this camper in order for it to become the hub for our creativity.  

Everything front and center in a confined place meant just for that purpose...or at least within arms reach.  

Rather than over taking our houses...ehem.

It certainly doesn't mean that we only like to be surrounded by our own goods.  We love other people's artwork and gain much inspiration from similar minded people.

We have already talked about the pillows that we had collected from our own stashes at our houses that we wanted to put in Maisie, but in that mix we had bought a few as well.  There is an incredible site for artists to sell goods made with their own artwork used as the design.  It's called Society6 and I honestly can't tell you enough how impressive it is. You can find out more about it here.

Once you find a design from any of the artists that submit art to Society6 that you like, you have the option of having the artwork turned into an impressive selection of items. 

They literally can print any of the artwork printed onto all sorts of things...pillows, mugs, curtains, blankets, rugs, cell phone cases, etc, and of course art prints.

We found four designs by four different artists in complementary colors and ordered our pillows.  

We leaned towards designs to go with our crafty theme as well as the vibe of Maisie.  After all, she is going to be where we do a majority of our creating.

Yarn (and a white cat to represent my Mr. Whitie cat).
Crochet hooks and yarn for Laura
Vintage wooden thread spools to go with our actual vintage thread spools passed down to us from our Gram.
and lastly, a pillow with feathers in all the right colors.

They took about a week to arrive, and wouldn't you know it... a half hour after Maisie was delivered to the house, the pillows arrived via UPS.

We also got a few prints from the site as well, to go with some that we had printed and through the years that we had collected in our own house.  We printed some meaningful photos on water color paper so that they would be stiffer for hanging.

We decided to hang them from thumbtacks with some tiny clothes pins on twine that I had found for 50 cents at Michaels.

We used thumbtack for the majority of accessorizing and decorating and hanging.

We also had some old magazines that our Gram had modeled for in the 1960's.  They were all camping magazines and catalogs and they could not have been a more perfect addition to Maisie Toot.

We printed the clippings of her in black and white on watercolor paper as well.

The boy in this ad is our Dad!

 We also printed up our most favorite pics of Laura and I and our two sweet Grams for who Maisie

Toot is named.

<--- Maisie (Joan)
          Toot (Laura) -->

For the beds, we knew that we would not be comfortable with the mattresses that Maisie came with.  They were in very good condition as far as cheap camper mattresses go, but still.  We needed comfort.

We ended up keeping the mattresses and buying a $20 pillowtopper at Walmart for the bigger bed and a foam camping mattress pad that fit the top smaller bunk for $6 there as well.

I saw an ingenious tip on Pinterest of how to keep sheets on camper or RV mattresses using suspenders,  so we got 2 suspenders at Walmart and tried it out.  

INSANE!  SO awesome!

For the smaller mattress, even a twin sheet was a bit big so, in addition to the suspenders, we used safety pins to keep the sheet taught.  

BUT, for the full size mattress, it worked completely perfectly.

We ended up using the suspender to hold both the fitted sheet AND the pillowtopper in place together.

We put up a set of three mirrors on the bathroom door.  We we got them at Homegoods for $10 for all three! 

Laura picked the most gorgeous fabrics from our stash to fill our embroidery hoops to hang on the bunk walls.

We both have sets of these hanging in our houses as a reminder of all of the beautiful fabric that we have used to make dolls and other goods with in the of course we had to have them in Maisie Toot as well.

All of the linen for the beds was linen that we already had at our houses and just brought into Maisie.  The only thing we bought for the beds in Maisie was two fleece blankets (one for each bed), the mattress covers, and a $12 full sheet set for the full bed that we bought at Walmart.  It ended up being quite a deal, since it was this set that we used the flat sheet of to make the cushion covers in the lounge area.

Oh, and four $4 pillows at Walmart for the beds as well.

And see that rug?  It's pretty damn great isn't it?  

It's the rug I made 5 years ago with plans to put it in our living room...only for it to be veto'd and vanquished to the attic of our house by my husband.


Anyway, now that Laura and I have a place of our own to decorate without the input of our husbands... the rug is back!  And it has full feature smack-dab in the center of the camper floor.

And, do you see those letters there?  We got them at Michaels as well.  They were ornaments for $1 each.  They are galvanized metal. 
They didn't have all of the letters that we needed to spell our Maisie Toot, but we are handy, and saw possibility.

We ended up using a pair of tin snips to make "G"s into "O"s and an "H" into two "I"s and turned an "M" on it's side to make an "E".

See.  Possibility.

Oh, there are so many more decorations to share, but we don't have them all in place yet. We wanted to share the more crafty ideas first in this post.

Of course, there is tons of artwork left to go up on the walls, craft and art supplies left to be put in their nooks and crannies, and normal camping gear to find a place for, but this is a good start.


It's already making us smile!

We did do three videos for the projects in this post.
 Moving Day!


We hope that you come back to see the future renovations that we have planned for our girl!

We are so excited!

Truly, Julia and Laura 

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