Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Maisie Toot ::Part 4:: Curtain Making and valance recovering/ upholstering :: Travel trailer camper turned glamper renovation and remodel

After painting the entire interior of Maisie, it was time to put up the curtains that we had made.

We have a very limited budget for this camper.  We knew that a majority of the things that we put in Maisie would be either, thrifted, used, cheap, or preferably handmade. And to be honest, that it EXACTLY what we wanted for our camper girl.  Laura and I are very crafty girls and we wanted to be able to put stamps of our own personality into Maisie to show this side of us.

Besides, Maisie was going to be our studio on wheels, so to speak.  A place that we could craft away to our hearts content and store all of our supplies without having to inconvenience our families (translation :: listen to them complain) about how over taken our houses were with "old lady" (translation:: crafting) supplies.

We also were incredibly excited about the prospect of being able to do crafty projects and be surrounded by beautiful things while camping. Maisie truly was going to be our "Happy Place".  

At any rate, back to the curtains.

We looked at pre-made curtains and were not that impressed.  They were all so heavy and thick.  With a small a space as we have in the camper, we knew that we needed light and airy rather than dark and heavy.

We found a bunch of cheap curtain rods at the local Family Dollar and paid only $2 for each of them.  Compared to 7$ at even Walmart for similar rods, we jumped on the deal at the dollar store.

They came with their own wall mounts and were the perfect length.  They were a little flimsy, but honestly, we didn't need super high quality and they would surely do the job.

For the curtains, we bought a pack of 5 flour sack dish cloths at Walmart for $5 in the kitchen/home goods section.  I use these all the time at home for cleaning and as hand towels in the kitchen and decided that they would be the perfect weight and sheerness that we were looking for.

I realized after the fact that each window in the living room area of the camper would need 2 cloths, plus the window in the bathroom would need one as well. Thankfully, I happened to have a few extra ones for the last windows.

I have always loved cafe curtain style curtains. they seem to give a look of casual beauty to a space that is both beautiful and quaint.  Perfect for our Maisie.

We had initially thought of putting them up just as they were, plain white...but then we decided to try our hand at some hand stamping to add a little interest to them.

We kind of have a feather theme that we realized is growing in the decorating of Maisie and we decided to roll with that for the stamping of the curtains.

We found some acrylic paint and a brush in our craft stash and a potato in the kitchen.  That was all that we needed to make our curtains pop.

At first, we thought that turquoise would look nice for the stamp design color, but then we changed our mind since we thought that grey would be more universal and complementary in case we completely grew out of our love of turquoise (seriously, probably never going to happen, but better safe than sorry.).

The cutting of the stamp design was fun.  The feather design was completely free hand and the feather texture was made with hundreds of small slices in the potato.

They ended up looking exactly the way that we had hoped.

To mount the curtains to the rods, we first ironed each curtain flat and then measured the windows.  Rather than cut the cloths, we folded each of the curtains at the top to the right height for each window. To attach them, we decided on some 1 inch cafe curtain hooks which we bought for $2 for 10 hooks on amazon with free shipping.

Each window used 7 hooks.

They slid onto the rods very easily before we mounted them in the camper, even Hayden was able to help.

We folded the curtains at the point of attaching each hook in a true cafe curtain style and we absolutely adore how that they turned out.

FYI.  We wanted to mount the curtain rod brackets a bit higher than we ended up mounting them due to the fact that we were unable to screw into the wall at any other point other than the pre drilled holes that were used for the valances and curtains that the camper came with.  We hope that this helps others who want to change out their camper curtains.  We don't want you to have the same problem...we ended up with many holes in the walls where we attempted to drill new holes before we just gave up and used the original holes even though they were lower than we wished for.

Now, one more FYI.  

Maisie has an angled wall in the living room area.  This posed quite the problem when hanging new curtains due to the fact that the curtains would billow out over the sitting area and flop around in people's faces if they were sitting there. 

We couldn't have that!

SO, we came up with a remedy.  It's too much to explain here, but we did explain it in our video at the bottom of this post.

We even ended up with an extra curtain that we put up in Laura's kitchen above the sink.

Finally, remember that valance from the door frame that we salvaged to recover?  (Yea, we weren't that excited to have it back either.).

* The cords that you see above the door are from a TV that our parents are lending us. 

WELL! we ended up recovering it with some fabric that we had in our stash.

We ended up borrowing a staple gun from my husband and used it to attach the fabric to the framework of the valance right over the preexisting (hideous) valance fabric.

We really love the look of the valance and decided that all campers should come with pretty fabric covered valances.

We did do two videos for these projects in this post.
 Filling of that hole in the door framing.
 Curtain installation video

OK! we are getting really close to finishing Maisie!  

Next up is the faux tin paneling installation in the kitchen area.  This is going to be our favorite project to date!


We hope that you come back to see the future renovations that we have planned for our girl!

We are so excited!

Truly, Julia and Laura